Before I Go Up

Tears bloat from my longing eyes. Eventually turning to a burst that runs down through my old, sagging cheeks as the reminiscence of our suppose-to-be-forever past, the only thing that keeps me back in time, lingers in my curling, soon-to-be scatty consciousness.

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Passion VS. Priority: Confusingly Unusure

Most of us might already experience to be a mediator between the conflict of our passion and priority. It is like being a referee between the battle of our wants and needs. Admit it or not, it is obviously difficult for us weighing which is more important and what is to be done first in some circumstances. Continue reading “Passion VS. Priority: Confusingly Unusure”

Realization From Teaching

Teaching is said to be the hardest yet the noblest of all professions. As an education student before, I wonder why it is called the most notable one and what really makes teaching to be the noblest of all. Is it through making students understand all the information in the book? Or turning them into engineers, doctors, accountants and lawyers? Continue reading “Realization From Teaching”

Divergent: The Perception of the Future

Choosing where you belong is important. What you choose, determines who you are!

In the midst of technological advancement, things will be soon put in the spotlight of uproar and commotion. And soon, everything will be wrecked. Recovery will not that easy as one click. It requires time for the people to think of the ways to start new beginning. Things that will keep peace in the society. One of the possible solutions might be clustering the community into many possible parties.

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