World’s Most Poisonous Plant

In just small amount, no one can escape the fate of death. In a matter of second, you will surely grip your neck for help, and no one can help you. Twelve thousand more powerful than a rattlesnake venom. This is how deadly the plant that all scientist considered as the world’s “most poisonous.” Continue reading “World’s Most Poisonous Plant”


World’s Fastest Growing Organism

Imagine in just only three hours starting from his birth, human can be already tall as Micheal Jordan?

Well, that can just only be an imagination because no man can grow as fast as that rate. But for this organism, it can be attainable which proves its title as the “World’s Fastest Growing Organism.” Continue reading “World’s Fastest Growing Organism”

Self-Honesty: My Anniversary Post

One year of writing. One year in WordPress. One year of having fun.

Time passed so fast and in unnoticeable rate. I started writing online last year because of Bubblews and, along with that, because of money, and also because of that, believing it would increase my traffic as well as earnings, I created blog here in WordPress aiming to post my articles that I had posted in my Bubblews account. I was hoping the number of cents in my bank would increase. Unfortunately, that was not effective. So, I stopped that strategy which caused me to stop posting articles here in WordPress also.

I roamed around in the colossal vastness of World Wide Web. Searching ways to earn dimes. Finding spot to establish my connection in virtual world. I was frustrated. Suddenly, I realized I should stop writing for money and I should be serious in writing, and because of that, I revived my blog here changing its tagline into “Blogging For Fun” and the first article since I started to write for fun was “5 Reason You Should Stop Blogging For Money”. A realization post. From that time, I was having fun in what I am writing. Unlike before, I was just forced to write because of quantity. A quantity without quality.

Well, enough for that. Let’s celebrate my anniversary here. Wine floods. Foods are bountiful. So help yourself. Don’t be shy. It’s my treat.

And as I commemorate my special day here, let’s go to a more serious part. This time and in this post, I want to talk about self-honesty. I don’t know if there is such a word because I did not search for the meaning of this when I am writing my anniversary post. But I guess, the word explains itself which tells being honest to yourself.

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Partial Taste Of Teaching: My Reflection On My Practice Teaching Experience

Job of teachers is undeniably exhausting. There are lesson plans to make. Instruction to implement. Assessment to administer. Evaluation to conduct and many other teaching-learning related works. Exhaustion is not only evident on the actual field but also in the field of training. As a teacher-education student, I cannot deny that fact. I will say it in not too exaggerated way that I am also bombarded and stressed   by the continuous piling up of tasks. We have a lot of reflections to meditate with and I feel that I was already drained of thoughts and ideas by unending making of reflections. That is the funny thing about rushing. Students are pouting about the deadlines. But the fact is many days before the deadlines, the common expression of the students “Later…” reigns. I could relate with that situation because I am one of the students who do that. Anyway, that is one of the things I learned in the subject assessment of learning the benefits of reflection to the process of learning. In one of the modes of assessment, the portfolio assessment, the most distinctive feature of it is having the element what we call reflection. This is one way to view the students’ learning. This is also one of the effective interventions to involve the students in the learning process on their own pace. This will trigger the students to activate self-assessment within them. This will give them idea about their progress. Continue reading “Partial Taste Of Teaching: My Reflection On My Practice Teaching Experience”

Top 5 Players Who Played The Longest Minutes For Uruguay In FIFA World Cup

Another country which made one of the greatest moments in the history of the most anticipated soccer tournament in the world, FIFA World Cup, is coming from the South American soil for they would be the first to claim the championship title of the most dreamed-of pitch in the field of soccer, the Uruguay National Football Team.

Uruguay was one of the 13 countries (Argentina, Chile, France, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Brazil, Bolivia, Romania, Peru, United States of America, Paraguay, Belgium and Uruguay) which had been part of the first kick-off of the World Cup tournament of the most viewed sports in the world, soccer. Along with that history is the first championship title which was reigned by them after defeating their opponent, Argentina, in the final match of the 1930 FIFA World Cup or the first World Cup stomping the final win score 4-2.

After that, it had been 20 years before they claimed again the number one national team in the world title as they battled with another South American country, Brazil, in the final match of the final tournament of the 1950 FIFA World Cup finishing in a score of 2-1.

Considering those facts, the truth that this national team is one of the greatest and strongest teams in the world seems so undeniable.

Peeking on the history of FIFA World Cup, this article aims to determine the Top 5 Players of the Uruguay National Football Team Who Played the Longest Minutes in FIFA World Cup.

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The Inevitable | A Flash Fiction

Meredith is about to pick a choice. A choice that will inevitably let one of her loved ones be gone.

Sitting beside the bed where her father lying fighting for his deathly condition, Meredith conscientiously considering her father’s only wish. A wish that somehow lightens her father’s heavy state. Continue reading “The Inevitable | A Flash Fiction”