Meet My New Online Friend

3 thoughts on “Meet My New Online Friend”

  1. I am honored to be your friend Arthur. You have potential as a writer as well. Don’t give up on your dreams as a writer and realize everyone is a different kind of writer, but everyone is a writer. 🙂

  2. I am pleased to hear this comment of yours @christi34 and thank you for inspiring me. I just want to apologize by not including your picture here. I can’t get one in your Facbook page. I will continue to write until I have one thing to be proud of, and I will definitely tell you that if I would be published. hahahaha How boastful I am. hahaha Good luck in our endeavors. Stay connected @christi34

  3. Reblogged this on My Wild Adventures While Blogging and commented:
    We have the opportunity of meeting new friends online every day. Believe it or not, people will remember how you have treated them. Showing compassion and understanding and just being friendly does pay off. You may have found a new friend for life.

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