Meet My New Online Friend

“Friends are the greatest gifts from above.”

Yeah, they really are.

For the first time in my blogging career, I found my first friend in the World Wide Web. In more than a year of roaming around and exploring the vast purview of the Internet, this  is my first time to really get acquainted in a person with the same passion of mine—writing. I have met many people in this virtual realm. Chat to them. Hear their inspiring thoughts about writing. But as the time went by, and I guess, as they thought I am just nobody, they never communicate again. I couldn’t blame them. It’s just a matter of acceptance. Continue reading “Meet My New Online Friend”

15 Life Lessons Taught By Clash Of Clans

Since the booming of virtual games five years ago, many people had found way to entertain themselves during their leisure times and to do what they can’t do in actual. With “Farmville”, people learned the hardship of sowing just to acquire a good harvest. With “Tetris Battle”, many have found the importance of fitting pieces together. “Candy Crush” has served the sweetness of being alike with others. Also, our patience was tested as we hardly look for the right softness of tap in our Android Phones to lead “Flappy Bird” farther to obtain a higher score. Continue reading “15 Life Lessons Taught By Clash Of Clans”

World’s Smallest Plant

Consist almost half of the biomass. Important agents for environmental survival. Reduce harmful ozone-layer-depleting factors. Supply the necessary multitude amount of fresh air to human. Provide shelter to other organisms. These are just some of the evidences which make trees essential to our ecological system. Most of them appear normal in height. When it comes to sunlight competition, height matters. Some is inevitably towering another but not this one. Maybe even other grasses soar higher than this kind of tree for it is considered as the “World’s Smallest Tree.”
Continue reading “World’s Smallest Plant”

6 Historical People Who Top The “Most-List” Of FIFA World Cup

Clash of the toughest. Participated by the best. Watched by the billions. Dream of throngs of aspirants. These are just what FIFA World Cup all about. The battle to become number national football team in the world where renowned field players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, Iniesta, Hulk, and many world’s popular football players back on their country to join their squad in quest to become number one. One of the most awaited events transpires every four year. A time when every football player tastes the holy grail of the soccer world. And on this, let’s bring the people who excelled the most in the history of the world’s most celebrated soccer tournament.

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World’s Rarest Breed Of Butterfly

Butterflies are some of the most common insects found in our garden which vibrantly adds attractive colors to every landscape where they will visit. Attractive and alluring flowers combined with these glinting, colorful arthropods, your garden will surely become one of the most excellent stopovers in your neighborhood.

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Tallest Known Mountain In The Universe

If you think Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the universe, you may already change your mind before reading this because this gigantic upward land formation is almost three times taller than what we have and considered as the tallest not only in our solar system but in the whole known universe. This cannot be seen on Earth nor in the biggest planet Jupiter. Not in the most elegant planet Saturn and also not in the hottest planet Venus. It’s only in Continue reading “Tallest Known Mountain In The Universe”